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Fossil Energy Services is a Geological Service supplier having some expertise in providing very talented and experienced well site Geologists for the Coal Seam Gas (CSG), Tight Gas Sands (TGS), Shale Gas and Coal Industry. Our Geologists have chipped away at various seaward and land based Exploration and Production programs focusing on Oil and Gas in Australia, New Zealand and the Oil fields of the Middle East.

In the later past we were granted the Emerging Business of Gold Coast and trust that our center estimations of Integrity, Quality and Reliability have assumed a key part in helping us accomplish these honors.

Wire line Fossil Energy Services elucidation contribution to gesturing markers and sweet spots. Conveying land, directional and penetrating issues to and from apparatus site and town. Effectively overseeing Mud logging supervision and quality control.

 Geological elucidation (stratigraphic and basic) with well sight strip log of MWD and GR data. Description and inspecting of shake cuttings and translation of opening cleaning efficiencies.

Passing on geographical contribution to directional drillers for general directional boring arrangements and amendment runs. Multiple Drill Stem Tests (DST) distributions, under reaming profundities on various coal crease handles on single gaps, ECP – External packaging packer choices.

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